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What Is it?

As they claim they are an antivirus company. 

They have created a compensation plan for people using their antivirus and promoting it. 

You get paid even for using free license but that license is valid for 30 days only.




How Do you Earn?
Step 1 Join Hyper Antivirus .
This will provide you with a free license valid for 30 days
Step 2 Download and Install their Antivirus ProgramMake sure you download it using this link in your dashboard.

Step 3 Make LinksYou need to share your referral Link to 10 unique places and click on it once yourself.
Share on facebook. 
Click on it . 
Done one link.Share on twitter .
Click On it . 
Done two links.
Similarly You need to do 10 links in total.
Extra Tip: If you dont have so many social network accounts, make multiple blogspot blogs and put link in each of them, they are counted as separate links.
Now each link would earn you 0.05$ so 0.5$ Everyday. 
Check after 24 hours.
You are done!Now you can sit back and earn 0.5$ Daily . 
You can Withdraw at Paxum, PayPal, VISA/MasterCard and Bitcoin
Payments are done Daily and Automatic.

You can see I have been Paid Daily. 
Everyday ! Without any work.
But I am earning much more than 0.5$ daily
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How to Increase Your Income ?
They have a awesome affiliate Program
So as a free license Member you get, +0.10$ Daily for every referral who completes above three steps.
So if you have 10 referrals you will be earning additional 1$ Everyday NOT one time!
You can have as many referrals as you want no limit.
How to Further Increase Your Income Even More?
You can Also earn for your Level 2 , Level 3 and Level 4 Referrals.If you decide to upgrade and get a premium license for your Antivirus.
For example if you take 20$/Year Home License. 
You earn +0.10$ Daily for every Level 1 Referral+0.05$ Daily For every Level 2 Referral +0.025$ Daily for Every Level 3 Referral +0.025$ Daily For every Level 4 Referral.

Remember these are every day earnings not one time so they really accumulate to a nice amount.
There are higher plans available too!I got Paid nearly 30$ from them just with my Free license. 
So now I have upgraded my self to Home License by Paying 25.95$. 
I would keep you guys updated on how this works out further. 
Currently making me like nearly 4$ Daily without any work.

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